internal pipe sandblasting equipment

MUB Jr. Tool

This unit consists of multiple carbide and steel components. Designed to connect to a 3/8” NPT pipe lance (customer furnished) with the tool at one end and the tungsten carbide reducer (supplied  with # EE01098 model) at the other, the reducer threads into standard 1-1/4” NPSM nozzle holder. Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide or heavy steel shot not recommended.

Maximum abrasive mesh size = 30.

Air requirement = 80CFM @ 100PSI



Internal Pipe Blasting (I.D.) Tools & Equipment

Circle Blast Jr. Tool

Tool consists of 4 components: main body, quad bore tungsten insert, carbide deflection tip and tip holding bolt. Mounts externally to 1-1/8” O.D. (1/2” I.D.), abrasive blast hose. Aluminum oxide not recommended.

Air requirement = 385CFM @ 100 PSI


internal pipe sandblasting equipment

MUB 360 I.D. Blast Tool

1-1/4” NPSM thread, steel jacketed I.D. nozzle consisting only three parts: tungsten carbide lined body, large carbide tip and tip holding bolt. Aluminum oxide not recommended.

Air requirements = 225CFM @ 100PSI


internal pipe cleaning sandblasting equipment

MUB Senior I.D. Blast Tool

Internal Pipe Cleaning Equipment

This unit consists of multiple tungsten carbide, steel & rubber components and offers two optional centering devices based on job requirements. Aluminum oxide and silicon carbide are not recommended to use with this piece of equipment. #20 Mesh abrasive is the maximum abrasive size to be used with MUB-Sr.

Air requirement = 225CFM @ 100 PSI

Twister H.D. Pipe Blast Tool

This pneumatic air motor controlled tool provides infinite variability in rotation speed and instant braking. Each Twister is supplied with two (2) boron carbide nozzles (1/4”, 5/16”, or 3/8”), centering carriage kit with two (2) legs and wheel sets (short set for 12” – 20” and a long set for 20” – 36”), and wrench kit.

internal I.D.  spin blasting equipment



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