Cartridge Type

• For cabinets without reclaimers only. Keeps cabinet free of dust while providing clear viewing. For use where less frequent blasting time is required. Back-mount or free-standing.

• 1/2 HP, 150 CFM


sandblasting dust collector

Dust Bag


• Double walled and fastened to reclaim exhaust outlet, this method of dust collection is recommended for occasional use only (2 sporadic hours or less/day).


• Complete with zippered dump-out which allows for fast disposal of collected material. Cabinets with dust bag system can be upgraded easily at any time with Mod-U-Blast®’s 300, 600, and 900 CFM dry exhaust, multi-bag filter cabinets below.

blast cabinet dust collection

Multi-Bag Dry Filter


• Mod-U-Blast® multi-bag dust filter cabinets consist of either 15, 25, 40 or 50 (300, 600, 900 or 1,200 CFM) cotton sock type filter bags which are tightly mounted into steel housings (top and bottom). Clean air is returned to the outside through louvered panel door and dust and dirt are contained in bottom drawer.


• Dust to drawer or hopper is assisted by manual shaker. Air volume damper control is also standard on all Mod-U-Blast® Filter Cabinets. Also available as upgrade kit for machines with dust bag only. Recommended for more frequent use, high production.


Multi-bag dry filter dust collection

Reverse Pulse Dust Collection


• Mod-U-Blast® reverse pulse cartridge dual collectors are available from 300 CFM to 12,000 CFM. They provide optimum clean air environments for blast cabinets, booths and blast rooms. Reverse pulse collectors feature high efficiency 280 pleat filter cartridges.


• Models M300-2C, M600-2C, M900-2C, M1,200-2C, M3000-6C, M6000-12C come standard with push button cleaning system or optional auto-timed controls. Reverse pulse collectors larger than 1,200 CFM(2C) come standard with auto-timed controls. Hopper discharge is standard with all reverse pulse collectors.

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