From experience comes excellence. With over 30 years of machine building and design, thousands of units in the field, and continuous repeat customers, Mod-U-Blast® Portable Blast Machines are clearly the choice for you. Multiple valving styles and capacities from 1.5 cu. ft. up to 160 cu. ft., your machine is here. Mod-U-Blast® abrasive blasters are engineered and designed for optimal production, with the operator in mind – ‘SAFETY’ –first and foremost. All machines are supplied with “Safety Deadman Control Systems”. Mod-U-Blast’s® valving and plumbing systems are mounted strategically (on most models) at the rear of the vessel in the most compact form in the industry. This allows ease of maintenance and eliminates undesired bulky, cumbersome side-mounted plumbing found on competitive machines.



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